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National Cooperative Soil Survey
Standards Documents

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This CD was created in May of 2010.  It contains standards used by the National Cooperative Soil Survey. For the latest versions of these documents, please visit the National Soil Survey Center Website at http://soils.usda.gov/.

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Soil Survey Manual
October 1993


Soil Taxonomy-2nd Edition
(Incorporates errata dated 2/99, 5/00, and 8/02)

Soil Taxonomy Keys, 11th Edition, 2010

Claves para la Taxonomía de Suelos, Décima Edición, 2006

National Soil Survey Handbook
May 2010

Soil Survey Laboratory Methods Manual
SSIR #42
Version 4.0

Soil Survey Laboratory Information Manual
SSIR #45
Version 1.0

Land Resource Regions and MLRAs
of the U.S., Caribbean, and Pacific Basin

Field Indicators of Hydric Soils
in the U.S.
Version 7.0

Field Book for Describing and Sampling Soils
Version 2.0, 2002

National Forestry Manual
September 1998
PDF Version
MSWord Version

National Forestry Handbook
February 2004
PDF Version
MSWord Version

Rationale for Concepts in Soil Taxonomy
PDF Version
MSWord Version

Soil Survey Photography
Principles and Techniques

(Requires MS PowerPoint or click HERE)

Soil Survey Technical Notes